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Janitorial Supplies & Chemicals

ECOSAN Hygiene offers a full range of commercial cleaning products, cleaning chemicals and sanitation equipment with service in Vancouver, Kelowna, Winnipeg and beyond. 

Our selection of cleaning chemicals are highly concentrated and are designed for dilution.

We offer the following solutions in 4L and 20L quantities:

  • Bio-Odour Drain Maintainer

  • Bleach, 6%

  • Glass Cleaner

  • Heavy Duty Degreaser

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  • Neutral Floor Cleaner

  • Oven and Fryer Cleaner

  • Surface Sanitizer Disinfectant

  • Warewash Chemicals

Save money by pairing our chemicals with a hand pump or wall-mounted chemical dilution system. Choose an ECOSAN Service Program and we'll tailor a scheduled maintenance plan so you'll never run out of cleaning supplies again!

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