5 Reasons to Trust ECOSAN with your Mat Rental Service

The frigid winter season in Winnipeg is just around the corner, and our ECOSAN Mat Rental Service is in high demand. Ensuring the entry or high-traffic areas of your business are clean, safe and free of debris is important to your valued customers and employees.

Mat rental and exchange services have been around for some time, but not all are made equal. Here are 5 reasons why the ECOSAN Mat Rental Service is a step above the rest:


1. New Mat Inventory

We maintain the highest quality and newest inventory of rental mats in the industry. Old and worn mats can ripple or bunch, creating a tripping hazard at your highest traffic areas, where mats are typically placed. Rippled mats can also allow dirt, debris and moisture to gather underneath, potentially damaging your floors. Each of our mats are inspected for wear and defects on every rotation so you receive a clean, crisp mat every time. 


2. No Upfront Cost

Enlist ECOSAN Hygiene to provide your mat rental service and don't pay anything up front for inventory. We'll order, maintain and deliver a fresh mat on a pre-determined scheduled rotation, at your convenience. 


3. Excellent Customer Service

Our reputation was built on excellent customer experiences! As a privately-owned Canadian company, we started small and have grown organically into new markets by word-of-mouth. Count on us to be consistent, fair and timely with our service; we truly appreciate your business. 


4. Specialized Products 

In addition to our standard carpet and rubber mats, we offer a wide range of specialty mats. Establish and strengthen your brand with a Custom Logo Mat, or utilize a Scraper Mat outdoors to remove snow and mud from footwear. Looking for something specific? No problem! We'll order your custom product and include it in your scheduled service plan. 


5. Bundle & Save

As a full-service hygiene company, ECOSAN offers a range of commercial solutions, such as our industry-standard Restroom Sanitizing Service, Paper & Soap Service and Mop Rental Service. Bundle your Mat Rental Service with another ECOSAN product and enjoy cleaner facilities and lower operating costs.


Ready to get started?

Get in touch with one of our friendly service advisors at 1 (844) 4-ECOSAN or email service@ecosan.ca