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Restroom Deep-cleaning & Sanitizing Service

As the Restroom Hygiene Experts, ECOSAN Hygiene offers a full range of services from detail cleaning to active odour treatments, that enhance the overall restroom experience for your clients.

On a scheduled frequency, a uniformed and professionally-trained ECOSAN Hygiene Technician will visit your facility to specifically detail-clean and sanitize your toilets, sinks, urinals, walls and floors.

ECOSAN Restroom Sanitizing packages start as low as $17.50 per week. 

With multiple levels of service, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD, we have a package and a price that suits the needs of any business.

Serving Vancouver, Kelowna, Winnipeg and surrounding areas. 

Get more details by filling out the form below, or call ECOSAN at 1 (844) 4-ECOSAN to schedule a no obligation hygiene consultation. 

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